Customer Reviews


I mean, what else can we say but WOW! We had a heck of a lot of challenges to get this deal done. At every turn Denise was tere to get us across the finish line. After a long and arduous battle with our buyers we finally got it done she was there every time with a smile and a way through the problem! I can't say enough good stuff about how we were treated and what a truly professional gal she is.

She just makes it happen like magic!


The Grayburns | Home Sellers


Denise Crane makes the whole process of selling a home easy and fast! Denise was fully committed to selling our home and did so in less than a week, at full asking price!

From the beginning to the end of the closing process, Denise made herself available, often late into the evenings and on the weekends. She kept us up to date at every step, which was comforting since we spent most days out of state. Denise has a strong work ethic with many years as an experienced Realtor. Those qualities really showed with her ability to advise us in critical decisions. She is trustworthy, friendly and extremely patient. A true professional! I would highly recommend Denise Crane as your choice Realtor!


Cherie & Ken Young | Home Seller


I mean, what else can we say but WOW! We had a heck of a lot of challenges to get this deal done. At every turn Denise was there to get us across the finish line. After a long and arduous battle with our buyers, we finally got it done! She was there every time with a smile and a way through the problem! I can't say enough good stuff about how we were treated and what a truly professional gal she is.


She just makes it happen like magic!


Vincent Grayburn | Home Seller


When we met Denise (or DC as we nicknamed her) we had already moved to Portland, were living in an Air B&B and I was pregnant.    There was some pressure to find us a house to say the least!  My husband and I both had our “absolute wants” when looking for a home and of course they were not the same.  Denise was forever the optimist that we would find a home.  Our search continued for a few months and Denise was always more then happy to show us house after house as we just couldn’t find the “one” that we were determined to find.  Never once did we feel like a burden and she always had a big smile on her face when we would show up to the home hoping it would be the one.  One of the things I was most impressed with Denise (and I believe is in her email signature) was that she ALWAYS answered or replied to your phone and text messages immediately.  No matter the time or day she was literally a phone call away to assist.  It was very obvious right from the get go that she has been doing this awhile and she is top notch at her job.  Her knowledge of the area was so impressive and even more so was her knowledge of the material in the homes and the heating/septics/water etc…I honestly don’t think I can write a review that does Denise enough justice.  She makes what can be one of the most stressful decisions in your life bearable and even enjoyable.  I can’t imagine going through the process with any other realtor after having Denise represent us.   We don’t have any plans to move anytime in the near future, but if/when we do we know Denise will be right there with us.  I also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in my life. A few months have passed since we bought our beautiful home in Damascus and recently were able to bring our newborn son home to it.  We could have easily parted ways with Denise, but her and her husband were one of the first people we invited over to meet our new addition to the family. I now consider Denise a friend and that is a testament to how hard she works and that she truly does care about her clients.


Susan Goodell | Home Buyer

What a privilege its been to work with Denise. She has taken an otherwise stressful worrisome endeavor and turned it into a fun, family adventure. Her work ethic is almost non-existent in the work force these days, and it was difficult for me to keep up with her. Always professional, fun, and if we had to do it again, there truly is no one else we would rather work with. A most definite asset to Remax for sure. Denise and her family are now part of our family.

On a scale of 1-10, she's a 20!

Luke & Danielle Myers | Home Seller & Buyer

So this was a truly learning experience buying our home. Sold my home 2016 Nov. Bought our new home in sandy oregon beginning of 2017. Denise was recommended by a friend of Kristie. My better half lol. Denise knows the area very well so I agreed she would be great for us. It's hard to articulate this in the manner it truly deserves. It seemed the sellers were very unorganized with everything. Denise in our opinion was doing her job and the sellers job. I feel Denise went way beyond her job duties to make our buying this home possible. She did it. It was like she had both jobs of selling and buying for us. We felt she was amazing. I never knew her before at all. But she is way down to earth . The biggest thing for us was she always kept us in the loop. With Denise we didn't wait days before we heard anything new. Constant emails and texts assured us we made the right decision. Our house was unusual because there was paper work that the sellers did not get taken care of through County. Denise was the person who continuously followed up on the sellers responsibilities. This was the house we wanted. We could afford it and it is in a nice area. Denise made it happen. Beyond professional is how I would describe Denise. She's just one of us. We are very happy in our new home. If you choose Denise you will know why so many of us adore her.

Keith Pederson | Home Buyer

We can't say enough about Denise Crane. Though we knew her personally before, this was our first experience working with her as a Realtor. She took what started out with viewing an available property on a whim to help us quickly transition into selling our home to buy another beautiful home for our family. She listened to us every step of the way, and was both patient and persistent when either strategy was needed. We always felt like we had a strong advocate on our side, and had all the information we needed to make important decisions. Her sense of humor helps calm the occasional moments of stress that naturally occur in the real estate world. And even though you know she has other clients she's working with, you always feel like you're her priority. We came out on the other side with a super quick sale, an easy purchase, and a new long term home for our family. We strongly recommend working with Denise on your next home sale and/or purchase!

Mollie Blagg | Home Seller & Buyer

When I contacted Denise about purchasing a home, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy she made the process feel. I was uncertain in the beginning exactly what I needed or wanted and Denise made the process of getting started fun. She is an excellent communicator. When we found a potential property, she wasted no time making an appointment to review. Denise also has numerous contacts in the industry so when it was time to get a loan, home inspection or anything else she has an endless list of professionals to call upon. I have worked with many realtors and Denise is truly one of a kind. My new home is far beyond what I was expecting and the process couldn't have been easier with Denise leading the way.

Brett Turner | Home Buyer

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Denise! She is extremely friendly, responsive, knowledgable, and competent. She was a trustworthy guide and advocate throughout a long and complex series of negotiations with an investment bank to purchase our home. We ended up getting the first house we offered on, with nearly every concession we asked for. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a dedicated and reliable guide to help them navigate the Portland area's insane real estate market.

Andrea M | Home Buyer

I'd like to take the time to thank you for the outstanding job you did in selling our home. Your creative talent putting together the presentation of our home with innovative media approaches and your untiring effort to keep our home in front of potential buyers was instrumental in the sale. We were extremely impressed with your exceptional communication skills that kept us apprised of your efforts. The timeliness of your responses to questions and follow up made us feel we were important customers. Your guidance and objectivity regarding suggestions on how to improve the marketability of our home were well thought out and effective. Thank you again Denise. We have the highest regard for your professionalism and highly recommend you to anyone selling their home.

Doug and Colleen Vaday | Home Seller

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Denise Crane from RE/MAX Equity Group. I really can't say enough good things about Denise as our Realtor. She will go out of her way for you as a Client. She really listens and cares about what you want and doesn't try to pressure you into anything. She has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to work with. I would not have gotten my dream home without her. I only wish she was around when buying and selling our other homes as well. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but Denise for a Realtor. She's the best.

Sandi J

The first time my husband and I met Denise, we were struck by how friendly and helpful she was. From the beginning and throughout the closing process, Denise was on top of it, and she was quickly available when had questions. She patiently and knowledgeably walked us through any questions we had, no matter how big or small. We appreciate her constant calmness, solid good work and dedication to get the job done from start to finish. Denise was and is MORE than a Realtor. She goes above and beyond what a "normal" realtor would do. We would highly recommend Denise Crane!

David & Tina Womack

I can only say that Denise has gone above and beyond duty. Her service to me was above reproach and she did a terrific job! I would recommend her to anyone.

Patricia Parker